Karmik Seva


Donate to pay the educational fees for the children of your household helpers.  Please do not include their wages in this account.  Donations to the Trust are exempt under Sec 80G(5)(vi) of the from Income Tax  Act.


If you desire to reach-out to help pay the school fees of your maid, or gardener or driver or security guard or  the regular municipal pourkarmika working on your local street, this is the opportunity to do so. Please note that the wages for their services is not to be included in this donation.

We will remit the funds to your household helper’s account (less banking charges). Whats more, our donors may reach out to donate an amount equal to your donation.  That would be great, right?

If you wish to let like minded friends to help your helper’s to alleviate their sufferings, please fill in the below form with details of the requirement, and we will share it with them.



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