The Trust promoted and facilitated an innovative Solar Project of using energy from the Sun directly to power devices at home and offices through DiyaStar. This was installed in Chamundi Hills as a pro bono gesture through donations received from Corporates so as to increase visibility of the concept.  DiyaStar has also been deployed in two complete Green homes for lighting and fans successfully.

The Trust promotes holistic renewable energy resources to sustainable micro energy nodes which have greater resilience in natural disasters by least dependence on grid energy.   A complete home solution can be seen at Nanasu, Mysore and was showcased in Chandana by DD Bangalore. 

The Trust also also worked with the National Institute of Technology, Mysore to promote bio gas and assisted in application of a patent in this realm.  In partnership with Venus Gas Mysore, the Trust also assisted in creating a blueprint for green energy for Telecom Towers.



Having observed that the cotton fiber waste in a factory spinning yarn was being wasted completely.  The Trust launched a a youth empowerment program  to innovate and use the same for producing edible Oyster Mushrooms in our Urban Farm. The yarn factory having since closed down, the Trust has now supported the youth to successfully use waste leaves from urban parks to produce oyster mushrooms in a classical recycled waste to food program. 

The same program also nurtured the Biofloc Technology program to recycle waste into protein for aquaculture which is now under first phase of production scale trials in the Rural HQ in the West Bengal.  Once this is successfully executed, it will provide training and support to rural youth to develop their own entrepreneurship program.


To be able to sustain any charitable activity, a beneficiary turned benefactor was envisaged. Towards, an effort has been initiated to create empowerment opportunities for youth, women and anyone who needs assistance in building their own entrepreneurship that can in turn provide further empowerment to more beneficiaries.  This will reduce dependence on donations for achieving the objectives of the Trust. Towards this certain empowerment programs have been initiated and it is hoped that the sustainability will be built up simultaneously as listed below:

  1.  Manikandan Kumar – World Champion in Sports Climbing who has won 14 World class awards till date.
  2. Reeta Kumari – Bronze Medalist in one International Championship and now PE instructor in a reputed school in Mysore.
  3. Kiran S –  Diploma and BE, now into sustainable entrepreneurship,
  4.  Puja Saumi Ghosh – Farm Manager.
  5.  Hosting services, such as that shall generate income for the Trust.