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Tests with CIAB:   Blood: Random, Fasting & PP, Hemoglobin, HbA1c  Lipid: Triglycerides, VLDL & HDL, Cholesterol, Urine: PH, Ketones, Proteins, Sp Gravity, RBC, Pus, Crystals, Glucose, Transparency, Casts, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Ear & Forehead Temperature, Cardio 3 lead ECG, Cardiac Function Test, Cardiac and Pulmonary Auscultation, Lungs: Spirometry and Pulmonary Function Test, Pulse Oximeter, Weight, Vital Risk Index, Connect with local doctor or across India, Keep Electronic Medical Records, etc..  For More details download   Clinic in a Bag 05Sep21 vG1


Support an Entrepreneur in an excellent secured business as an angel investor. The beneficiary ( you may select one from your close family, friends or house help’s ward ), and get them moving to earn a regular income to improve the quality of our lives.   The current opportunity is in purchase of a Clinic in a Bag.    This enables access to a professional network of doctors available 24/7 and live lab reporting at client home / office or from the precincts of clinic without integral lab, all on a on a revenue sharing model.  Doing just 4 tests a day, the owner of this kit will be able to buy back the cost of the CIAB in one month.

We are presently seek Support for:

Debaprasad Karak, a Medical Lab Technician is already collecting samples from his hinterland (Village Gobindapur, Jhakra, Midnapore, West Bengal) and is excited about this product. He has recently built his house from his income and is short on cash to buy the equipment.   Despite this, he is ready and able to put a down payment of Rs 50-60K to take up this equipment.  So, looking for sponsors to close the gap of Rs 3 Lakhs and to get him quick started. He will come for training to Bangalore and also cover a few regions on Bangalore during his training.
Smallest fella in this picture, son of a push cart  laundry man, Shant Kumar, studies in final year college, doubles up as Collection and Delivery Boy for a path lab that runs in Bangalore while helping his parents delivery their daily iron covering a block of flats.   He is tech savvy on his cell phone and has ZERO ability for down payment.   Need a sponsor to mentor and fund him Rs 3.6 lakhs to set his ball rolling.  In Five Years, he should be able to move his family out of the Slum into a nice dwelling from this empowerment.
Puja Saumi has just finished her college and wants to join Nursing. We are trying to encourage her to become an entrepreneur herself.  She will have to set a path as a Startup to  assist local doctors with instantaneous lab reports as well as consulting with other doctors across the World. In effect, she will aim seamlessly connect Doctor to Patient as well as be able to engage two more nurses into her team from her own earnings.  All this without joining a Nursing College.   Need a sponsor to mentor and fund her Rs 3.6 lakhs.
Assist retired Veterans of the Indian Defence Forces & Security Forces by supporting their entrepreneurial  effort into their 2nd Innings, especially if they are from the local medical fraternity.   This will enable Veterans to procure multiple CIABs and provide employment to youth in their hinterland and thereby build a viable scalable business model.  We are looking for any investor who can indicate the amount of funds
If you wish to sponsor any one above, kindly send an email to or send an email to Sanjay Bhardwaj <> to seek an invoice directly for your wards whoever you wish to sponsor. You may or may not refer to us.
How does the Trust earn revenues ?  Well, as more units are sold, a quantity discount is offered by Rijuven which would provide revenues to the Trust to provide free training to the entrepreneurs in Bangalore.

Download Clinic in a Bag 05Sep21 vG1



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