Dignity Resort


Serene Dignity Resort, a home for destitute senior citizen who need help in their sunset years on planet Earth. The first steps are already in place ; Club Serene – A Special Serene Longevity Resort.

Donations to the Trust are exempt under Sec 80G(5)(vi) of the from Income Tax  Act.


When another person has no sustenance in their old age and survive by begging and living on the streets, a dignity resort could be a place where they can live with dignity and self esteem to the time they transit from this material world into the ethereal life on another dimension.

The biggest issue of any reach out is its sustainability.   And towards this it is proposed to operate Total Care Facilities as a paid facility to alleviate the suffering of senior citizen living with working children who are not able to fully devote their time to the needs of their loved ones who are totally bed ridden or their physical motor abilities are severely impaired due to an accident or stroke.

The first steps in this direction has already been taken by setting up the Rural HQ in deep interiors of West Bengal.  More on this may be seen at Club Serene – A Special Serene Longevity Resort



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