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Strategic investors look beyond the horizon to identify, evaluate and acquire assets that can provide force multiplication of available funds in a short term, while retaining security and safety of investment ...
We have access to Commercial Property which are leased to top brands in a few exclusive Malls. The shops are priced from Rs 7 Lakhs onwards depending upon Size. In one Mall we have an army officer's wife who has 465 sq ft of super builtup area and she earns Rs 42,000/- per month.

If you have some money and wish to invest the same in commercial properties, we can offer you such opportunities in which you can start getting returns immediately, not only during the construction stage, but also an assured agreement with the lessee so that immediately after construction, the same is on rental.

There is a hitch though. You cannot get a loan at lucrative home loan rates of 9% or less. If you need a loan, we can help you get it, but it will be in the range of 15% to 16% as per commercial lending norms of banks.

We also have opportunities where you can not only get a home asset worth Rs 23 lakhs for just Rs 5 Lakhs (rest is configured as a home loan of about Rs 17 Lakhs) if you have a gross salary of about Rs 5 to 7 Lakhs per annum. In this case, besides getting the asset worth 23 Lakhs in your name on day One, you will also get 100 monthly rental cheques of Rs 21,000/-. With this unique offer, you can easily pay back your EMI to the Bank without any sweat or tears. At the end of 8 years and 3 months, you have a choice to get returns at 60% of current market rate or you can sell the property to recover your investment. Being strategically located at a prime location next to an expressway within a gated residential campus where lowest price flats is Rs 80 lakhs, the price of your asset is expected to at least trebble in that period.

We assess opportunities and offer them based on the following criteria:-

1.   Strategic Location - Should have good road, rail, air and metro rail communications.

2.   Local Demand - Should have local demand; to be guaged by number of units booked or sold in that project.

3.   Growth Around Area of Interest - Known Market drivers scheduled to arrive in that locality.

4.   Pricing - Availability within your budget and availability of easy loans.

5.   Facilities - Facilities and amenities that are critical and essential.