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Renewable Energy...
We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors.
We have only borrowed it from our children...
What can you do?

Just spread the word.
And, practice it. Use less power!!
Ideas for Renewable Energy...
We make your dream Ideas come true...
Do you know that the World Crude Oil Reserves will finish in the next 27 years?

Even assuming that additional crude oil reserves are found, it may only extend this period only by another 15 years. Do you know that Power Generation draws millions of tons of carbon (coal) from under the surface of the Earth and releases it into the atomosphere? And our vehicles are spewing out harmful CO2 everyday and polluting our air. Global warming is a disaster that is happening slowly but surely.

Consequently, in the next 50 to 100 years, as polar ice caps and glaciers melt, most of our most populated coastal cities and towns will be submerged under sea water as the sea level rises.
Switch off fans and lights when not in use. Change to renewable energy resources like wind, solar, etc.

And, if you wish to make a difference in this World, do contact us for more details.

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We are looking to fund individuals with ideas, research and commercial establishments seeking funding for developing their ideas to generate electric power from renewable resources.

Kindly write a small executive summary giving broad technical and financial aspects and email it to us a