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I was fortunate to view an excellent Coin Collection of Mr Ghoshal in Surat. The collection is indeed a true visit into the past, from about 500BC till date, and it was fascinating to learn about numismatics and how they recite history vividly.

So when Mr Ghosal told me that he wanted to sell the collection, I was horrified to know why would anyone who spent more than 60 years collecting coins and building up history in his home would want to dispose it.

Mr Ghoshal replied "This is a true passion and those who inherit it should have a similar attachment, else its value will be lost and the collection would gather cobwebs somewhere in an attic. Instead, I wish to sell it to someone who can appreciate its value and share it with the younger generation."

With a view to find out if I got him a buyer, how much he'd donate to charity, I asked him "What will you do with the sales proceeds?"

Mr Ghoshal pulled out a file which had ten Biodata with pictures of chidren. A closer look revealed that the forms were from Ramakrishna Ashram. There were bio data of six hindu children, two muslim and two christian children. I was flabbergasted, he had taken the words out of my mouth even without asking. He then said "I will keep 50% for my maintenance and my nephews, and the balance 50%, I would like to contribute for charity, something like this..".

The Ramkrishna Mission through its NGO Lok Siksha Prarishat provides free education poor children wherein they provide free uniforms, books and stationary and tution fees for eight years. They have a system of sponsorship where they accept donations in multiples of Rs 20,000/-. This amount looks after the child for 8 years and finally, if the child shows promise, the mission take them into their own institutions for totally free education thereafter.

Should you desire to contribute to this effort, kindly contact Mr Subrata Bhattacharya at 09830026130 / 09432455110 or Swamy Pranananda at 033 24772201. Ramkrishna Mission Ashram Narendrapur Kolkatta 700103 is a branch Center of Ram Krishna Mission, Belur Math, Howrah, West Bengal

RKM, one of the premier educational institutes in India is located in the south eastern suburbs of Kolkata. The ashrama comprises the RKM College, School, Blind Boy's Academy and a techinal institute. Sixty six years old, it started as small Students' Home in 1943 Pathuriaghata immediately after the Bengal Famine, with only three students-poor and orphan-on the rolls, today has more than 3000 scholars and 2250 staff (resident & non-resident) using the 150-acre complex - meadows dotted with flower gardens beside lush green fields. Its infrastructure viz. workshops, school, college, hostels, library, auditorium, stadium, a small hospital and a temple is assiduously maintained – a legacy of revered Swami Lokeshwarananda.

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Narendrapur - Vidyalaya fosters cultural diversity and inclusive social structures as the thrust area of its formal educational aspects. It endeavours to educate students in the best traditions of the country in developing “life building, man making, character making assimilation of ideas.” All round growth and development of children to become strong and healthy individuals rooted in sound moral principles is encouraged. They learn to respect the higher values of life and become conscious of their obligations of the poor masses around them. Nurturing participatory system of governance, affordable infrastructure, services, adequate shelter, conservative consumption habits and an efficient pattern of land use has been the thrust area of work of the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Narendrapur - Lok Siksha Parishad. It is a recognized ‘National Resource Center’ that primarily works through local youth groups. At present 1500 registered organizations associated with the Ashram work in 12 districts comprising more than 4000 villages. It supports a network of 150 village libraries. Very popular among the working class, its students are mostly farm laborers, domestic servants, industrial workers, rickshaw-pullers, small traders and employees of small commercial firms. Presently 200,000 children are helped through primary schools in villages, and destitute home for the children.

The Ashrams empowerment programme includes training in about 60 occupations covering both farming and non-farming activities and comprehensive environmental improvement programmes. ‘Thrift and Credit Groups' in about 1000 villages benefiting about 80,000 depositors are promoted. Comprehensive rural development schemes based on livelihood systems, encourages the use of low-cost, eco-friendly indigenous technologies. It also plays a significant role in empowering merit at the grass root level e.g. officers of the National Service Scheme, Panchayat functionaries, Youth officers, IAS probationers, National Service volunteers, and workers of Non-Government Organizations.