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EL'EN Education Trust is an ex servicemen driven charitable effort with a genuine interest to make your dreams come true.

Registered with the Karnataka Government as a General Purpose Charitable trust on 13th November in the year of the milleniun, is housed in a four storey building and with a small playground for tiny tots, the Trust has been running a small Kindergarten school in Marathalli, Bangalore. The Trust has also been operating a hostel for college students and individuals, who, after completion of vocational education are searching for jobs.

Both these efforts are on a totally no loss no profit basis on very marginal fees.

There are occasions when inmates of the hostel are not able to pay fees and come to the Chairperson and driving force of this effort, Amiya Ghosh, wife of late Lakshmi Narayan Ghosh, seeking dispensation from paying their dues. Many times, inmates leave the hostel without paying but invariably return after they have got jobs come back and with tears in their eyes, pay back to sustain another student...

The Managing Trustee, Col (Retd) RN Ghosh took voluntary retirement from the army after commanding an artillery regiment of the Indian Army with a view to follow up the mission set by Lakshmi Narayan Ghosh; do good for the society. With full support his family, relatives and friends, ELEN Education Trust is now poised to deliver its objectives, FREE OF COST, across India through a group of highly motivated volunteers who attended a training capsule at ICON, Ghaziabad from 25th FEb to 06 March 09.

Our Immediate Objectives are:
  • Educate and Advise working professionals on financial management.
  • Increase financial ability of
    • working professionals during in-service tenure to secure financial independence so as to eliminate dependence only on pension post retirement.
    • Ex Servicemen by providing them employment opportunities and assistance.
  • Advise opportunities and provide assistance to persons in search and identification of their dream of owning an “Apna Ghar”.
  • Research and Development of Alternative Energy resources.
  • Provision of incentives to intelligent children of parents below poverty line.
  • Alleviate suffering of Autism affected families and senior citizen.
Here are the first batch of volunteers who are at your service across India....

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