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EL'EN Education Trust is an ex servicemen driven charitable effort with a genuine interest to make your dreams come true.

Registered with the Karnataka Government as a General Purpose Charitable trust on 13th November in the year of the milleniun, is housed in a four storey building and with a small playground for tiny tots. The Trust has been operating a hostel for college students and individuals, who, after completion of vocational education are searching for jobs.

These are on a totally no loss no profit basis on very marginal fees.

The Managing Trustee, took voluntary retirement from the army after commanding an artillery regiment with a view to follow up the mission set by his late father, Sri Lakshmi Narayan Ghosh; do good for society. With full support his family, relatives and friends, ELEN Education Trust is working to deliver its objectives.

Our Immediate Objectives are:
  • Educate and Advise working professionals on financial management.
  • Increase financial ability of
    • working professionals during in-service tenure to secure financial independence so as to eliminate dependence only on pension post retirement.
    • Ex Servicemen by providing them employment opportunities and assistance.
  • Advise opportunities and provide assistance to persons in search and identification of their dream of owning an “Apna Ghar”.
  • Research and Development of Alternative Energy resources.
  • Provision of incentives to intelligent children of parents below poverty line.
  • Alleviate suffering of Autism affected families and senior citizen.
Here are the first batch of volunteers who are at your service across India....

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