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Parents may not desire to leave their most lovable God's Children without first making sure that they are in the best of hands. We aim to make ALFAA the best home for these autistic children when they turn into Adults.

EL'EN Education Trust realizes that parents are the best Care Takers and the best staff that ALFAA can be proud to have in their campus. We have a generous income avenue for parents who desire to stay at ALFAA as Care Takers and Staff. We understand that Parents know their own autistic children well and have learnt to manage them with love, respect and affection they deserve.

By participating in the STAY-IN program, the following objectives will be attained:

1. Have the best staff and truly caring staff for the Autistic Adults througout their lifespan.

2. Offset costs incurred towards maintenance of their own child who will be a happy resident at the ALFAA.

3. Set the stage for own old age comfort in the best environment one can dream of.

If you have an Autistic Adult (or have an Autistic Child going to turn into an adult soon) and you desire to participate in such a program, kindly write to us and we shall revert to you.