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ALFAA stands for Assited Living For Autistic Adults. This website will talk about the life of Ruby, an army officer's wife who has to cope with an Autistic child who is presently 16 years old. Her Husband is generally posted out of station and she has to manage this child in addition to her younger son who is going to the 9th standard. Ruby tells her well wishers "I cant keep boot polish or chilli powder at home. He hunts for them, finds it and then eats it all off; what do I do?"

There are thousands of Austic children of serving defence personnel who are posted at remote localities where their families are not permitted to stay. The mother has to look after the child while her husband is guarding the nation. When these children grow up into healthy adults, it is very difficult to manage them. While Adult boys just brush off their frail mothers, girl children are extremely vulnurable.

Ruby has been an active member of Autistic Society of India who are trying to get the Government of India to accept Autism as a disability and include them in their policy guidelines. Getting the Government to move, even in such a critical disability is still a nightmare.

There is no organization in India that supports assisted living of adult autistic children. Realizing this major drawback, and realizing that she has to achieve a mision in life, not only for her own child, but also numberous such families affected all over India, Ruby has spent all her earnings to acquire 2 Acres of land close to Bangalore to open a facility that will provide Assisted Living For Autistic Children. This ran into a major roadblock when the local authorities raised an objection under the land ceiling act restricting purchase of farmland and refused to accept proof of the fact that Ruby comes from a Farmers Family and also that her husband is the only person in his family of a farmers to have joined the army, and who after retirement would go back to his family's prime occupation, farming. Fortunately, this was resolved after the Assistant Commissioner ruled the case in her favour and now Ruby is looking for as much help as possible to make this innovative facility functional.

Ruby and her three close friends; Usha Kini (Doordarshan Bangalore) and Madhurima Ghosh (employed with a leading IT firm) are now in the process of formation of the ALFAA Trust to drive the mission.

EL'EN Education Trust supports Ruby's efforts and seeks your support to make this mission a success. We are trying to help Ruby formulate a roadmap to make this dream come true.

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